Uniform Ordering

All Hudson United Travel Soccer Players are required to purchase a uniform. We are using the SAME uniform as last year (2022-23).  Once you have read all of the information below, please click the link at the bottom of this page to go to our official online team store.

Key Information

Ordering Deadline for Fall Session is TBD

Numbers are assigned by team, please do not pick a number

This is the third year of a multi year rotation for uniforms.

Each kit includes 2 jerseys, 1 practice jersey, 1 pair of shorts, 1 pair of socks. Cost is TBD

Spirit Wear, Warm Ups, Travel bags also available for purchase
When will my order arrive?
No matter when your jersey was ordered, it will not be submitted to the manufacturer until the Order Deadline. Deadlines exist to allow enough time for processing numbering requests and manufacturing your items. Deadlines are fixed. They are chosen to allow us to complete all necessary tasks for all teams in time for each new session. 
What size should I get?
Sizing is available at the NC Soccer Pro Shop in Hudson during their regular business hours. 

How do I choose a number?
Players placing an order for a new uniform should not choose a number. Numbers are assigned on a by-team basis, so they can not be chosen individually.  Please choose the "new player" option instead of a number, even if you are a returning Hudson United player.
The only time a uniform number should be input is if you are replacing a current uniform during the season. In that case, please use your same uniform number. Please do not attempt to select a uniform number during the initial uniform purchase.

What if I need my uniform faster?
If you need your uniform faster, you may be able to purchase a stock uniform at NC Soccer Club in Hudson. However, supplies will be very limited. These orders must be placed directly with NC Soccer Pro Shop and typically have a 48 hour lead-time.
NC Soccer Pro Shop
5661 Stow Rd
Hudson, OH 44236

Where do I order uniforms?

Just follow this link: http://www.ncsoccershop.com/husc/
Hudson United Soccer
P.O. Box 2122
Hudson, OH 44236
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