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Junior Academy Tryout Details 

Our next round of tryouts for Junior Academy will be held in mid-October.  We will have more information available in September.

What is the Hudson United Junior Academy?
The Hudson United Junior Academy is an elite co-ed program offering a stepping stone between Hudson United's Recreational and Travel Programs. The Junior Academy gives players between the ages of 6 and 8, who are ready for a higher level of play, the opportunity to focus on their technical, physiological, physical, and tactical skills with an educated and experienced coaching staff. Coaches will focus on key technical skills, repetition, creative play, guided instruction and a high frequency of touches on the ball with a goal of preparing young players for a competitive team in a fun and supportive environment. Upon graduation from the Junior Academy, players will be assessed for their readiness to join a Hudson United Travel Team. The road to Hudson Travel for children 2016 or younger is through the Junior Academy.

How can my child play in the Junior Academy?
Athletes between the ages of 6 and 8 can be invited into the Junior Academy Program through a recommendation from a Coaching Director, Recreational Director, or Travel Coach. For the 2023-24 Season, players will be given an initial evaluation at Hudson United's Travel Tryouts in May 2023.

Who will be invited into the Junior Academy?
Players born in 2016 and 2017 will be evaluated for the Junior Academy this year at Travel Tryouts.  

When will the training for Junior Academy begin?
Training for the Junior Academy will follow the same schedule as the Hudson United Travel program. The Fall 2023 season will begin Monday July 31st. 

How does Junior Academy prepare kids for Travel?
The JA focuses heavily on technical skills and small sided games designed to develop foundational skills necessary for success on a travel team. Athletes in the JA will participate in 2 training sessions and play in a game each week. One training session will be 3v3 and the other a set of stations with a focus on a skill or concept.

Will we play against other communities?
All JA kids will play a game a week. The game they are assigned will depend on coach assessments and level of development. Each weekend will have an inter-squad JA game (JA kids playing JA kids), NC U8 Development League (JA teams playing other communities), and OHTSL U9 (guest only).

My child was born in 2016, can they try out for a travel team?
Mandatory try outs are in May for all kids wanting to play on any Hudson United Travel Team or JA. Coaches assess each kid to place on age-appropriate teams, including JA. Hudson United participates in the OHTSL League which starts at the U9 age (2015 birth year for the 2023-2024 season).

My child was born in 2015 or 2014, can they try out for Junior Academy?
Mandatory try outs are in May for all kids wanting to play on any Hudson Travel Team. Coaches assess each kid to place on age-appropriate teams, including JA. If a player is not placed on a 2014 or 2015 travel team but does demonstrate appropriate maturity for organized soccer, they will be placed in JA.

How many soccer seasons are there?
There is Fall, Winter 1, Winter 2 and Spring Sessions. A child is not required to participate in all sessions. However, roster space is limited and therefore there can be risk of a spot being back filled and unavailable upon return.

How do I register?
You can register your child for an initial evaluation by signing them up for travel tryouts.  

What is the cost of the Hudson United Junior Academy?
The Junior Academy follows the same pricing structure as the Hudson United Travel Program. 

Will my child have a uniform for the Junior Academy? 
Each player for JA is to order a HU practice jersey. This should be worn to trainings and to Saturday’s inter-squad game. If you child will play in NC league or is asked to guest for a U9 game, they will need a full HU Uniform Kit. Practice jersey and Uniform Kits are an additional cost.
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