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Travel Try Outs FAQs

Q: Who needs to attend tryouts?

A: Any player hoping to play in the HUSC Travel Program needs to attend all days of Tryouts in May.

Q: Who Evaluates the players?
A: HUSC uses its coaches and outside evaluators that have played, coached or refereed. Coach evaluators will evaluate the same gender they coach, but will not evaluate the age group they coach. Any paid coach will be allowed to watch the tryouts of the age group they coach and give input into the tryout ranking, but will not be part of the final ranking.

Q: Do we need to attend tryouts and do we need to attend all sessions?
A: It is strongly recommended players attend all sessions. It will help capture a better snapshot of the player from a different evaluator and will help in placement should there be a need to cut or move players.

Q: What should I bring?
A: Bring the same equipment you would bring to a game or practice. Cleats, shin guards, ball and water. Make sure you are prepared for the weather.

Q: When should I arrive?
A: Please arrive about 15 minutes prior to the listed start time. This will allow the players time to check in and warm up. Tryouts will start on time.

Q: Can I watch the tryouts?
A: Parents are allowed to stay at the fields, but need to stay at the area closest to the Pavilion. Parents are not allowed to be by the fields their players are trying out on.

Q: Can you tell me the evaluation criteria so I can help my child improve?
A: No. We use 5 categories to evaluate the players. All relating to the game of soccer. When players know how they are being evaluated they focus too hard on standing out and lose focus playing the game.

Q: Will the results of the tryouts be posted?
A: No. We do not publicly share our tryout results. Any player that may have a concern about their placement may contact the Director of Coaching or the Travel Director.  Players will be contacted via email with the results of the tryouts.

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