Hudson United uses volunteer parent coaches for all Recreational Soccer Teams.  Parents can choose to be a head coach, an assistant coach or can co-coach with another parent.

What do you need to be a successful parent coach?

Most of our parent volunteer coaches have these characteristics:

  • Patient.
  • Dependable and flexible.
  • Enjoys spending time with kids.
  • Has a good sense of humor.
  • Is willing to learn.

Many of our parent volunteer coaches but not all have the following skills:

  •  Basic soccer knowledge.
  • Can model good sporting behavior.
  • Can communicate effectively with players and parents.
  • Can coach effectively during games and practices.
  • Knows that success at youth level is not based on winning but overall development.
  • Understands that the main reason why kid play soccer is to have fun.

 There are many ways that Hudson United can help parents to be successful coaches!

Don't get discourage, if you have never played soccer before! If you are willing to learn and you can "get your hands" on the right resources, you will be coaching recreational soccer with success! Checkout our coaches page for videos, articles and more!

"What about skills?" You ask. "How can I teach something that I am not capable of doing myself?" For those who didn't play much soccer or never played soccer, teaching skills can be challenging, but not impossible! We always try to match experienced coaches with new coaches to help with the learning process.

Hudson United will also try to provide you with opportunities to work with experienced players/coaches before and during the season that can properly demonstrate each skill and will be willing to assist you in education.

You can sign up to coach while completing the online registration for your child. If you need more information or did not sign up to coach during registration, contact Kristy Hunt at

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