Learn2Play Game Rules

The game rules for the Learn2Play games are simple:

Characteristics of the Learn2Play Age:

1) They focus on themselves. Reality is solely based on what they see and feel.   Passing will usually happen by accident!

2) They live in the moment-everything is here and now. Forget about the past or the future.

3)  Their heating and cooling systems are less efficient than adults. They need frequent water breaks about every 5-10 minutes.

4) They enjoy playing and participating not watching.

5)  They have a limited attention span with an average of 10-15 seconds for listening and 10-12 minutes when engaged in a task. If you need their attention have them do something fun like stand on one foot, put their hands on their head or other body parts.

6)  They think that effort is synonymous with performance-if they tried hard, they believe that they have done well.

7)  They have active imaginations.

8)  They will look for adult approval.

9) They typically have two speeds-extremely fast and stopped.

10)  They often like to just fall down because it is fun.

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